Previously Owned Pianos

Before You Buy - Piano Inspections

Professional piano inspections, recommendations and evaluations from an expert.

Buying a Used Piano?

A piano is a big investment. If you are looking to buy a used piano from the classifies like Kijiji or Craigslist I would highly recommend having check it out and appraise for any work that might need to get done and to advise on the purchase.

> Contact me for piano inspection services.

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Respectable and Responsible Piano Recycling

Pianos can be dismantled and responsibly recycled. This picture depicts the remains of a small grand piano that found I gave new life in the form of a bookshelf.

Recycling Your Piano!

As much as I love old pianos, I love pianos that work well and sound great even more. If your piano is just tired and you haven’t yet find a new owner, it might be time to consider hiring a moving company to remove it from your home.

If the idea of watching a junk removal team hauling your old piano to the landfill is not something that you can easily countenance, alternatively I offer piano recycling. At present I charge $350 for this service which may be higher than a quote you’d get from a disposal company, but you can rest assured that whatever can be used, will be used again; maybe even to extend the life of another piano.

Your old piano maybe too far gone at the end of its life for restoration, but the difference is that what can be recycled from the old piano’s materials: cast iron, lead, copper, cabinet parts, sometimes action parts (although if a piano is that far gone, then likely the action is not worth salvaging).

> Ask me about this “organ donor” program.

Instruments For Sale

I do not currently have instruments for sale.

In the near future I will have older Heintzman or similar quality old pianos retrofitted with Wessell Nickel and Gross actions. The intent here is to combine the tone of the older pianos with the advanced mechanics and reliability of a thoroughly modern action.