Jeremy Giesbrecht Piano Tuner & Technician

Jeremy Giesbrecht
Piano Tuner, Technician, Musician

With an equal passion for music and the instruments used to create it, working as a piano tuner was a natural fit as a young music student. Over the years I have performed and taught music; I now concentrate on the piano tuning and repair business.

My training began in the Piano Technology program at George Brown College in 1995. With this thorough foundation of piano technology, a commitment to learn new methods and technologies and over 20 years experience since then you can be assured that your piano will be serviced professionally and will sound the best that it can.

Something I am excited about using is the Wessell Nickel & Gross suite of carbon composite piano replacement parts. Old pianos can now be restored to a level that they may not have met even when new. I completed training for retrofitting pianos with the newly designed actions made by Wessell Nickel and Gross. These actions can be found in Mason & Hamlin pianos and are truly amazing in their consistency of performance throughout the seasonal changes, in their longevity, and their nuanced touch.

My interests are not limited to the acoustic piano. I completed a Luthier (guitar-making) course from Timeless Instruments in Saskatchewan in 2006. Since the 90’s my interests have expanded into piano related keyboard instruments like the Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos, the Hohner clavinet, harpsichords, pump organs, vibraphones, and the Leslie speaker (most often paired with a Hammond organ). If you want to have your Rhodes, Wurlitzer or Hohner Clavinet restored or serviced, please send me a message or giving me a call at 905-878-0058.

I live and have had my home piano workshop in Milton, ON since 2002. My life is full with my wife and son, stacks of history books, and the ups and downs of Blue Jays baseball.

“Play as if always in the presence of a master.”
~Robert Schumann